Profile Debbie Loveday

DG Debbie Loveday
Rotary Club of Port Macquarie
(H) 6586 4219
(M) 0418 298 912

Debbie was invited to join Rotary in August 2010 and took up the position of Club Services Director/ President Elect in 2013 and was inducted as President in 2014. Debbie has established two RAWCS projects, Rural Hospital for Nepal and Debbie’s Dunnies and is currently assisting with a global grant for equipment for the Mums and Babies Hospital in Nepal.

Since joining she has been named a Paul Harris Fellow and a Platinum Friend of Australian Rotary Health. Debbie became District 9650 Community Services Director in 2016, and District 9650 Chair of Rotary Australia Benevolent Society in 2017.

She was born in West Sussex England and graduated as a registered nurse in 1978. Debbie has three adult children, Louise, Justin and Matthew and two granddaughters Perissa and Imogen. The family arrived in Port Macquarie, in 1992 and commenced the family business, Hastings Data Loggers Pty Ltd in 1993.

Drought, fire, and floods, and now COVID19, have been our enemy this year. Our District has been at the forefront of disaster relief with many communities affected. PDG Phil’s theme of Strengthening Local Communities could not have been more apt and appropriate. Throughout the Rotary community we
have lost people, property, livestock and for many…hope.

Rotary clubs with the support of money raised from appeals and grants have been at the coalface of relief. Our many volunteers have worked alongside our emergency services providing relief and support to those who need it. This constant unending support has at times come at a cost. Whether they have
lost their own property defending others or suffered overwhelm and exhaustion we need to keep our Rotary family and others safe.

Lifeline is at the forefront of providing trained support to people in need of mental health assistance. The support will be needed for many years to some, we expect to hear of many more people that need help in the future. I for one am proud to continue the support started in DG Phil’s partner project for my year in the hope that we can reach out and respond to the recovery effort, heal the pain and promote recovery.

The DGE year I was told would be the busiest I would ever be, and they were not kidding. I have been to Christchurch New Zealand and San Diego for training. During that time, I have learnt a lot about Rotary and its wider community. I have met my counterparts from all over the world and we have
shared our stories together.

Preconceived ideas for my year went out the window in San Diego and I realised that we are in a time of great change. Paul Harris said “If Rotary is to realize it’s proper destiny, it must be evolutionary at all times, revolutionary on occasions.

We will “Grow Rotary” together by making membership memorable for the right reasons and our clubs vibrant and attractive, offering more than the traditional club model. We will embrace technology and together prepare our District for the changes to come. Holger Knaack said “be disruptive”, I say
‘let’s challenge the status quo’.