PDF Writer

Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange originally created by Abode.

A pdf writer once installed acts like a printer except the file is saved to your computer for later viewing or distribution.

The webmaster uses the following which over the years have been reliable.

CutePDF - Lightweight, very easy to use, 32 & 64-bit OS support, ghostscript not included while downloading. Available at http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp You will also need to download and install PS2PDF converter such as Ghostscript (recommended). See CutePDF web site for link to this converter

Foxit PDF - A free very powerful solution for pdf file management  Available at https://www.foxitsoftware.com/products/pdf-reader/

As with all free software only download it from a trusted web site such as those offered above.