New Global Grant Application on at the Grant Centre

Dear global grant primary contacts:

On 14 December we’re introducing a beautiful, new Grant Center to replace the online application we currently have for global grants. We think you’ll like the intuitive, speedy new design. As I mentioned in my previous email, your current applications will automatically transition into the new system. However, there are some things you need to do to make this transition as smooth as possible.
If your application is in draft status, I encourage you to complete the application as soon as possible and submit it to the Foundation for review. If your application remains in draft status after the Grant Center debuts, you will need to revise the application to align with the new application format.
If your application is in authorizations required status, I encourage you to submit the required authorizations as soon as possible. If your application remains in authorizations required status after the Grant Center debuts, it may be difficult for authorizers to see all of the detail you entered because some of the questions are different. You will also need to ask the appropriate people to go in and authorize the grant’s legal agreement before the application can be submitted. (In the old system, they did this after grant approval.)
If your application is in approved (but unpaid) status, I encourage you to complete the legal authorization, submit your payee information and confirm your sponsor contributions as soon as possible. Doing so now will avoid potential delays in receiving your grant payment. After the Grant Center debuts, your payment coordinator will work with you to complete the legal authorizations.
If your application includes a vocational training team, wait until you see the new version! It is significantly streamlined and easier to use. However, for the applications you’ve already entered, you won’t be able to see the teams, members, leaders, and documents in the new application (in any status). While we will still have all of that material, we recommend saving a PDF copy of your application so you will have easy access for your records.
Please also note two important planned outages for the grant system. On 3-5 December and 12-13 December, the grant application won’t be available while we prepare for this major upgrade. 
Thank you for your understanding as we work through these coming changes. I am confident that you will be pleased with the new Grant Center. If you have any questions, write


Abby McNear     Rotary Grants Manager   +1-847-425-5656