District Trophies Criteria and Selection 2018

District Awards and Trophies  -  2017-2018

Some trophies are awarded according to involvement in the District conference:

Attendance (PDG Alfred CC Holtz Trophy)  -   No. present  x  kms travelled / No. club members at 1 January;

Partner attendance (PDG Col Holten Trophy)  -  As above; 

Youngest Rotarian in attendance (PDG Garry and Norma Johnson Trophy);

Most First time Conference Attendees (PDG John Barwick Trophy);

Winner of Rotarian’s Golf Event (PDG Roger Dulhunty Trophy);

Winner of the Partner’s Golf Event (PDG Denis & Christine Carter Trophy);

The Last Club Standing Award (PDG Bear Trophy).

For the following trophies, clubs will need to nominate by using the form provided here.  The same form can be used for any of the awards.  Please photocopy it if you wish to nominate for more than one award.  If there are no nominations, no trophy will be presented.  Qualifying Period  -  April 2017  to Conference 2018.

Submit nominations to PDG Harry Durey (hdurey@bigpond.com) OR PO Box 1317, Armidale 2350 by Friday 23 February 2018. The criteria for the awards are below:

Club Membership Growth (PDG Wal Oakes Trophy)
For the club inducting the most new members into their club during the qualifying period, calculated on a pro rata basis.

Community Service (PDG Jim Small Trophy)
For the club carrying out the best community service project during the qualifying period.  Membership involvement and benefit to the community are important.

International Service (PDG Gordon Fisher Trophy)
For the club carrying out the most outstanding International Service Project during the qualifying period.

World Community Service (PP Tub Nardy Trophy)
For the club carrying out the most outstanding World Community Service overall activities during the qualifying period.

Vocational Service (PDG Kevin Hardes Trophy)
For the most outstanding Vocational Service project undertaken during the qualifying period.

Rotary Foundation (PDG Albert Brand Trophy)
For the best Rotary Foundation involvement over all activities during the qualifying period.  Point score for this trophy:

  • Contribution to The Rotary Foundation on a pro-rata basis                                                40
  • Involvement in Educational Awards                                                                                     20
  • Involvement in Group Study Awards                                                                                   20
  • Usage of alumni and current awardees                                                                              20

Total Points:                                                    100

Learn to Live Award (PDG John & Dorothy Burkey Trophy)
For the club with the greatest involvement in primary and adult literacy and trades skills training for people from our neighbouring South Pacific Islands.

Club Bulletin (PDG Barry Titcume Trophy)
Both printed and email/website versions of club bulletins are eligible. Please submit three copies of your bulletin published at three different times during the year.   Email/website versions will need to be printed and submitted in hard copy for ease of judging, but URL addresses of the particular editions of the bulletin can be provided also in order that the judge can see the effect on screen.  Point score for this trophy:

  • Design,  attractiveness & readability                                                                                    40
  • Content               Club Information                                                                                        15

Rotary Information                                                                                     15

Inspiration                                                                                                     15

Entertainment                                                                                              15

                                             Total Points                                                     100

RI Significant Achievement Award (PDG Harry Durey Trophy)
Designed to give recognition to a club activity that addresses a significant problem or need in the local community.  Criteria:

  • The project should address a significant problem or need in, but not restricted to, the local community.
  • It should directly involve most or all of the club membership in more than merely monetary service.
  • It should be capable of emulation by Rotary Clubs everywhere.
  • The project must be currently active in this Rotary year.
  • No club may receive an award more than once for the same project.

Preserve Planet Earth (PDG Bill Forrest Trophy)
For the club with the most environmentally conscious program in the qualifying period.

Youth Service (PDG Warren Newman Trophy)
For the club judged to have achieved the most in their youth service programs at local, district and international level.

Annual Report (Dal Fayle Trophy)
For the club producing the best Annual Report as presented to their club at the time of their Changeover around June/July 2016.  A copy of the Report needs to be submitted with the nomination form.  Point score for this trophy:

  • Design, attractiveness & readability                                                                                     30
  • Content               Breadth of information about club and its activities                                  40
  • Depth of information about club and its activities                             40

                                             Total Points                                                     100

Australian Rotary Health Award
For the club making the highest per capita contribution to the ARH fund in the qualifying period.

FAIM Involvement Award (PDG Keith Hopper Trophy)
For the club having the best overall involvement in FAIM / RAWCS activities in the qualifying period.

Introduction of Most New People into Rotary Award (PDG Colin Ruprecht Trophy)
For the Rotarian who introduces the most people into Rotary during the qualifying period.

Public Relations Award (PDG Garrick Baker Trophy)
For the club which has planned and initiated a successful program of public relations, or achieved this through a special Rotary project.

District Historic Archives Award (PDG David McIntyre Trophy)
This award is made to the Club that has made the most significant contribution and/or use of District historic archives.

Best Multi-Club Project or Achievement (DG Greg and Sue Moran trophy)
For the best project or achievement by clubs or groups of clubs which encourages connectivity and engagement of clubs in providing a benefit to the local or international community.