District management committee 2018-19

'Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create a lasting change—across the globe, in our community and in ourselves.'

RI President

Barry Rassin

District Governor                   District Secretary                 District Treasurer

Lorraine Coffey                             Rob Anderson (PDG)                     Graeme Andrews

District Trainer and Finance Chairman -   Neville Parsons (PDG)

Assistant Governors

Peter Paff Cluster 1;  Peter Lawry Cluster 2;  Trish Affleck-Mooney Cluster 3; Murray Difford Cluster 4; 
Carol Barnden Cluster 5;  Dimity Betts Cluster 6;  Aileen Bell Cluster 7;  Bruce George Cluster 8;
Neroli Bevan Cluster 9

P R Director  -  Brian Beesley (PDG)

Editor: Inspirator - Andrew Maughan

Foundation Director  - Maurie Stack

Membership Director  -  Diana Christian

Youth Director  -  Kate George

Community Director  -  Debbie Loveday

International Director  -  Reg Pierce

Vocational Director  -  David Mayne

Club Administration  -  Debbie Loveday

District Insurance Officer  -  Bianca Adimari  biancaa@oib.com.au

Your GTrain Team  Lorraine Coffey (Governor); Phil Hafey (Governor Elect); Debbie Loveday (Governor Nominee.)