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Club Administrators
Club Board Roles
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Club Administrators

As a Club Administrator you are able to:
*  Add and Amend the status of members of your club.
*  Add, Amend and Delete your clubs executive for the current and next year

To edit a members details use the pencil  - edit button link.

To Add a new member use the New link. - Before you start you will need the new members membership number for both RI and RDU
: * Rotary International members number Sign in to your RI My Rotary account
  * Rotary Down Under Members Number You will find the the link to sign in under SUBSCRIPTION MAMAGER
Register the new member on the above sites first and then enter those numbers below

Each time a members details are updated an automatic email is generated and sent to Rotary Down Under (RDU) to have RDU update their records as it may affect the distribution of the RDU Magazine.

Club Board Roles
Most club boad members roles as self explanatory and are normally an annual role Rotary International (RI) has good definitions Here -
The following are more clearly defined
* Committee - Can be used to add other club members to a non defined committee
* Executive Secretary - This position is a semi permanent role for the person responsible for the clubs databases. This person should be tech savy and willing to keep the club records up to date. This person could be a member of another club or larger clubs this could also be an outside professional paid person. The Executive Sectreary would maintain  - District Contact database, Rotary Dound Under subscriptions, and Rotary International - My Rotary  In the absence of this role the club secretary would normally be responsible for these activities.

Member Status -
* Active Rotary Member
* Honorary / Life Member
* Rotary Friend - This status can be used to add a non club member to be used for say bulletin distribution, event management, non club member as a board member, email lists etc
* Rotaract Member
* Interact Member
* Deceased
* Ex Member - Rather than delete a member you change the members status from Active Member to Honorary/Life Member, Ex Member or Deceased. This way you can continue to send that ex member your club bulletins until such time that ex member asks you to discontinue. The database will grow to account for all current and ex members.

Recognitions - A regognition is an award that is given to a member such as a Paul Harris Recognition, Centurion, Charger Member etc. Clubs can also add their own club specific award to the available Recognition list by letting the Web Master know of your clubs requirements.

* My Club email list - Email list of only active members of your club
* Bulletin list - Email ist of current and past members where Bulletin flag set to Yes
* District Bulletin list - Used to send emails to required district members
* Roster Selection - Allows you to keep track of meeting rosters
* Members Anniversarys - Can be used to publish special dates of members.



Your photo can be emailed to the webmaster Bruce Hemmett
* The photo should be in colour
* The photo should preferably be taken on a plain background such as a wall.
* Brick walls and garden backgrounds should be avoided.
* The image size should have a size between 1mb and 2mb for best result.
* If cropping the photo please do not shrink or compact the image below 500k
* The photo should be a passport styled like image below

The photo should be in focus and in colour

The uploaded photo may be edited by the webmaster before uploadingto the database.


My Email List - Can be created by adding & removing members listed in the members contact list or District Members listing.



All users must have their own unique email address. This is a system requirement to identify each person as an individual who belongs to a particular club

There may be some instances where a user (member) is a member of a number of clubs. The way round this could be:
* Set up an alias email. Some email providers allow you to use a number of alias emails that redirect these email to your actual account email.
* In some instances you can create an email address by simply adding '+something' to the end of your actual email name. e.g if your actual email is say then by say adding +1 to this email i.e. would give you your own alias email. Best to test this first. In fact you can add any words after the '+' and before the '@' to create as many unique email addresses to yourself as you like. Google 'adding + to your email' to see more details on how this works

The using the '+' does not work with all email providers. Test the created + email by sending a test email to your self first. If the '+' email does not work then you will need to get another email or an alias email from your provider.



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