December is Rotary Family Month

December is Rotary Family Month Celebrate Rotary's commitment to family in December!
Bring together mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other members of your Rotary family to learn more about the organization.
Consider having a special club event for family members to talk about service opportunities in the community that they and the club can address.
Friendship was the foundation, the rock on which Rotary service was built. The Family of Rotary Task Force will encourage clubs to care for Rotarians and members of Rotary's extended family (spouses, children, and parents) and remember spouses of deceased Rotarians. Special emphasis will be supporting clubs and districts in forming Family of Rotary committees to:
· Visit sick Rotarians in their homes and ensure any needs are met;
· Promote membership retention;
· Promote diversity of membership in clubs;
· Encourage spouses, children, and parents of Rotarians to participate in service projects;
· Encourage spouses and adult children of Rotarians to join Rotary;
· Maintain relationships with the family of deceased Rotarians and spouses;
· Support the family of deceased Rotarians in their times of need;
Encourage the family of deceased Rotarians to continue their involvement with Rotary.