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This weeks E News Summary

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  • Getting to know DG Greg and Sue
  • Vale Mike Harding Coffs Harbour
  • Save the Dates 2015-2016
  • ShelterBox update
  • New website Working With Children Check
  • Upcoming Membership reporting changes for January 2015

Ever wonder why some clubs always feature in the e news and DG News? That's because they submit their stories and we publish them.

To include your club's great milestones and events, Email District Secretary Annette Mackay if you want something added to this weekly communication.

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D9650 -  Northern NSW, Australia.
9 clusters, 57 clubs, over 1600 members.

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Photo of sunrise at Kokoda hospital "Lighting up rotary At Kokoda" ,one of the more sustainable and longest projects undertaken by our district